Original Soundtrack Pricing

I would like to know the steps and process involved in creating an

original soundtrack. I have researched various websites and links, all

giving vague terms of price and little to no explanation to the

process involved. I have already gone to the American Composers Forum

(http://www.composersforum.org/), which I found to be an extremely

helpful site, but again, offered price ranges in only vague terms. How

much would a soundtrack cost, on average, if it were 40 minutes to 1

hour in length (with several songs, and not just one long single

track), originally composed, with a small to medium sized

orchestra? How much difference does the size of the orchestra cost? I

do not want a full orchestral symphony, as many of the examples

provdided, only a soundtrack equivalent to modern movies, so please

explain in the fullest detail possible the entire process – time,

steps, money (all costs included – copying, hiring, distribution fees,

if any) and how you get it from a sound recording to an actual CD and

how that is managed. Thank you very much for any light you can shed on

the matter.

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