Parody of "the Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock" Using Fred Flintstone

I heard this parody a few years ago maybe on HBO or showtime. I can

only find one web page:

Here's the part listed:

The sun spread across the Bedrock sky

Like a bronto-burger laid out on a table

I am not Joe Rockhead,

Nor do I pretend to be;

Merely a stone-quarry worker,

Willing to bowl a frame or two

I grow old

I grow old

Shall I wear my saber-toothed tiger suit


In the cave as the women come through

Speaking of the Great Gazoo





I don't know that the web page has the exact wording correct.

Example-I remembered "saber tooth tiger pants rolled".

What I would like is the comedian's name, the complete text, and where

to find a copy of it.


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