Look, I am just amusing myself by taking as much advantage as I can of

the average American capital system. If you ASK me, knowledge is

information. And I have considerable knowledge, if modesty permits.

How much do you wanna pay me, and how long do you think I should work

(beyond 20 minutes, of course?)on any particular answer. Since I am

recently retired, I can go a long way, if you get my meaning.


One thought on “Payment

  1. Dear Callmeray,

    First, this is an international site, so if you'r so called "using",

    you're using the global capitalist system.

    You're statement derives several questions.

    First, you claim to have a lot of knowledge, therefore the question

    arrises of why you may need to ask others, as one that knows much.

    This is a philosophical question that leads us to another one: How do

    you know you know a lot? After all, that knowledge depends on your

    primary knowledge – it's a catch 22.

    You may try to enroll as a Google-Researcher, if you know that much,

    since this knowledge might benefit others. Of course, that won't be

    "using the system". It would be selling your knowledge and experience

    to people who might otherwise spend time they can't afford looking for

    the answer. In that aspect, it's a good idea for a retired person, as

    long as you remember that your Internet – if not DSL – costs money

    too. I suggest you'll address any other questions you might have about

    being a google researcher to the staff at google answers (this is

    their FAQ:, since they

    can answer that in a less philosophical and more stright forward way.

    Getting back to your claim of testing the American capitalist system,

    it is well based that this site and many as such are being used by

    users from around the world. Hence, you are using the opportunities

    offered by the global system. Globalization can play in many ways:

    some try to portray it as a process in which global multi-nationals

    are taking over. It may be true that this is part of the process, but

    more importantly this process breaks borders between people and users

    from different countries in more than one level – and this level – of

    providing answers to a British user – is included.

    This is also a philosophical problem – can we sell our knowledge? Is

    money worth knowledge? How can you rate or put a price on knowledge?

    First, we are not selling knowledge – we are selling, if any, an

    answer, the time it took to find the information.

    Is selling our knowledge an essential part of the Capitalist system?

    Or otherwise, if not selling knowledge, but supposedly spreading it

    for free, doesn't it leave a space only for the Hegemonical powers by

    the end?

    One can claim that some "boss" in is enjoying the fruits of

    my work, while providing "only" the technological basis. However, the

    fact that I am a "freelancer" so to speak, using the techniological

    basis to get money, means that I control the means of production – not

    anyone else, except maybe what google takes – I decide how much I work

    and for what pay to answer stupid questions. Marx dream, of us workers

    controlling the means of production is coming true is google answers

    (or something like that, I don't want George Bush to close google as a

    communist business :-).

    As for the question of how much you should take – how how long you

    should spend on an answer. I suggest you'll read this:

    Each person have their own preferrences. Some say they;ll take only

    expensive answers. Others say they'll take only things they'll know

    for sure. You can also see my opinion there.


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