An office environment where a CEO manages four companies. One of the

companies is a prime and its secretary should be able to coordinate

with the secretaries of the other companies and be in direct contact

with the CEO.

The other secretaries can request appointments via Outlook/Exchange

and get acceptance/declines as well as suggestions for alternatives.

The CEO uses a Nokia 9210i Communicator, though can switch to

something more suitable to realize this coordination goal if a

solution exists out there, where he would connect via the GSM data

network to synchronize via the Internet for example which can get the

mobile talking to the exchange server and probably an add-on to allow

for the calendar to get synchronized and the rest of the e-mails and

contacts of course.

With the above situation, I'd like some recommendations for methods,

software and handheld units to accomplish the above.

Thank you.


Request for Question Clarification byalienintelligence-ga

Hi lizardnation…

Is there a true need for it to be GSM?

Is your intent, to use the GSM network

thru a cellphone attached to a PDA and

maintain synchronization on the PDAs

with a wide area network setup?



Clarification of Question bylizardnation-ga

Hello Alientintelligence,

In the region we're in, GPRS is in a testing phase. So, normal GSM

connectivity to the Internet and from the Internet it would reach the

exchange server or another mediary to allow the exchange information

between the two worlds.

You seem to be hinting at a dialup server of sorts instead of going

through the Internet. That's another option.

The ideal hardware unit would be the Nokia 9210i Communicator, though

that can be leg go of if they have to in order to reach a solution.

The devices is always going to be one which has a GSM capabilitiy to

allow for a more efficient carrying weight and avoid looking like an

electronics booth at an exhibit somewhere.

Let me know if you need any more information. 🙂

Thank you for trying.


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