Pitching a Cable Network Show

I'm a producer at a small-ish Florida based production company. We

have recently added a content and programming division to our business

(we have primarily peformed corporate productions – commericals,

infomercials, instruction and training videos, live webcasting etc).

We've developed a few good show ideas that we think would work well on

some of the popular cable stations. These programming ideas are

non-dramatic and would mostly be suitable for such newtorks as Food,

Discovery Health, FitTv , Fine Living, even Bravo.

I am familiar with the NATPE pitch pit and also with the NAB

conference during which we will (this year) promote our expanded

services but here's my question (becuase I am getting conflicting

answers in my research):

I have had no problem producing a pilot episode of one of the ideas.

For this pilot, there are an unlimited number or expandable shows

which can be produced if the show were to get picked up. The

production value and quality of the pilot is equal (if not better)

than some of the production I see presently see on SOME (not all) of

the networks.

So do I need an agent to pitch it for me? Must I go through a

distributor? Could I first send my package to the development

offices/liaisons I see listed at www.soyouwanna.com? What kind of

procedures are there for doing this? Should I NOT send in a pilot? Or

send a pilot only with an agent or attorney? Or no pilot at all unless

asked? Should I send a query letter only?

Obviuosly my concern is that, since I don't have broadcast credentials

in this format, that many cable networks will not even listen to the

pitch at all. BUT if somehow I can demonstrate the qulaity of the

programming concept and the production value together, I MIGHT MIGHT

MIGHT get a second look.

What is the best way to go about this and what types of "deals" would

follow based upon the chosen path? Is it possible that they might pick

up the concept if they like what they see AND let me produce it (under

their executive direction, of course)?

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