Please Name This Book

When I was young (about 8 or so) I read a book in my own native

language (Vietnamese). Apparently, the book was a translation from

some foreign work. I dont remember the original language, but there is

a strong probability that it was French. The rough equivalent of the

vietnamese title for the book is "No Family". I remember the following

from the book

*There was a poor peasant boy who was adopted by a travelling circus

man, whose main attractions were three dogs. The three dogs could

perform various entertaining tricks by which the old man and the boy

earned a living

*I think eventually, the old man died (maybe during a snow storm)

*And two of the three dogs also died, (i think due to wolves but not entirely sure)

*At some point the boy joined a mining community and actually got

trapped in a cave-in

*The boy meet a wealthy (possibly English) family, and was consequently adopted

Please name this book and the author

Request for Question Clarification bypoliticalguru-ga

Sounds like this Hector Melot book?

"Heir to a fortune, the young protagonist is kidnapped by an

unscrupulous uncle who wants to put the boy out of the way and thereby

get his own mitts on the money. The villain turns the kid over to an

assassin, who hasn't the heart to murder the wide-eyed moppet. Thus,

the boy is left in the care of a happy-go-lucky travelling troubadour,

and thus begins a series of delightful misadventures."

Clarification of Question byhnguyen-ga

It is the right book, thanks you for your help, politicalguru-ga and

jvk-ga. If you would post an answer, I'll be happy to declare the

question answered. And thanks for the thorough search, jvk. If you

were a researcher, I would be glad to give you a 5-star rating.

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