Popular Film Channels Around the World

I'm looking to find out the most popular movie channels in various

countries of the world (say the top ten in each). The countries are:

Germany, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy, Norway and Brasil

I don't need anything fancy, just purely a list of TV channels that

are pretty much dedicated to only show films (like HBO in he US or

Film4 in the UK).

Thanks for any interest.

Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga

Are you interested in local stations, or can cable channels be

included? Do you only want free channels or pay-per-view too? Also, if

satellite channels can be included, some countries receive channels

from other countries. Please clarify. Thanks.

Best regards,


Clarification of Question bydysan99-ga

Hi Rainbow,

SOrry for the delay. Pay per view and free channels but not I would

guess "local". I'm really looking for the major channels in each

country and I guess they would be carried by satellite and cable


I'm kind of hoping it would be country specific – i.e. that the German

film channels wouldn't have French movies (even if they could get them

off satellite) and also presume that most popular Brasilian film

channels would be in Portuguese.

Let em know if you need moe info!


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