Private Australian Collectors of August Rodin's Work

I read about an elderley gentlemen in a weekend color magazine some

years ago which detailed his search for and aquisition of many pieces

quite inexpensively over the years, principally in Europe. The photo

with article showed him almost as a bushie and I think in rural NSW.

He didn't know what he'd do with his collection on passing and I'm

wondering; whether he has passed, and what pieces by Rodin himself and

which by the Trust happened to be in his collection; Is any for sale?

how can I get purchase details for any available?

Request for Question Clarification byadiloren-ga

I doubt this is him, but I figured I would run it by you. He is an

elderly art collector from NSW named William Bowmore.

Let me know if this is the man, and I will do further research. Thanks.

William Bowmore Masterpieces to Newcastle

Monday 18 October 2004

NSW Governor to dedicate William Bowmore Room

Tuesday 5 October 2004

Article and photo of William Bowmore

Clarification of Question byrodinga-ga

This doesn't appear to be him…my recollection is that he was not a

learned man. Further, my memory is that he only collected Rodin here

and in Europe…and that he was keeping them at some rudimentary

facility at the time near where he lived.

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