Public Domain Weight Loss Images 1900-1940?

I need an online source of public domain "before" and "after" weight

loss photographs. These need to be images of people photographed

during the years between 1900 through 1940.

Request for Question Clarification byalienintelligence-ga

Hi chetday…

This has proven to be a difficult

if not impossible question to fulfill.

I can only find 1 or 2 requirements

at a time.

Yes, I can find public domain weight

loss images before and after.

Yes, I can find public domain images

of people from the 1900's-1940's

I can even find some of these sources


BUT, if you want to find weight loss

comparison shots of people who are

authentically from the past, and

find those images online, and have

them free for commercial use…

I don't think its out there. I'd

be happy to eat a helping of crow

if another researcher can turn

some up.

Any source that will be truly

authentically identifiable will

probably have a cost associated

with it.

Which brings me to my final idea

for you. Have you tried microfilm

archives of magazines and newspapers?

There is a really good chance that

you could get reprint permissions

for very little cost. Not only that,

you will be able to verify the year

range by issue date. Some of the people

in the articles could even be around

for you to interview.

If you haven't found a source

already, I'd be willing to search

for archived images. But per your

specifications in the question,

they might not be online, and they

probably won't be free. If you

don't mind paying for them, I can

probably come up with something.

I wish I could help you more

with this. I like to find impossible

things, but this was quite at

the edge. Thanks for the 'workout'

though. 😉

-Search strategy-

I looked at every page on the net with

photos of people on them that could have

even possibly remotely shown weight loss.

At least it felt like it ;0)

"weight loss images"

[ :// ]

"weight loss" pictures historical

[ ://


early "weight loss" pictures

[ ://


"weight loss" photos

[ ://


This is just a brief excerpt of the searches

I did on google, using every combo and spelling

of weight loss, weightloss, before, after, photo,

picture, clipart, public domain, historical

weightloss, etc, etc

One last question… I should have

asked a while back, how many

photo "pairs" did you need? One

pair male and female, two pair,


Wish I had more to offer this time,

please feel free to ask us more

questions in the future.


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