Purchasing Vintage Photography

I am interested in the photographs of Timothy O'Sullivan, a nineteenth

century landscape photographer. Can you tell me if these images ever

come up for auction? Can you tell me the last amount an albumen print

of his cost at auction or from a dealer?

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  1. <Timothy O?Sullivan photographs.

    The latest auction record that I could find is from December 2004.

    Auction records.

    This lot came up for sale Dec 2-3, 2004.

    Lot 409. Civil War Photograph, Field Where General Reynolds Fell.

    Albumen image 8.75 x 7?. Price $1,495

    Cowan?s Auctions Inc.

    This following lots came up for sale in May 2003.

    A lot of 6 photographs by O?Sullivan sold for $10,925

    A lot of 5 photographs by O?sullivan sold for $3,450

    Lot 549 of 4 albumen prints including two by Timothy O?Sullivan sold for $23,000

    Art Price has 59 auction records for the works of Timothy O?Sullivan

    (1840-1882). The most recent in October 2004.


    Art Price charges a fee to view the records from $1.00 per unit.


    At Siegel Auctions on April 8, 1997, the following lot came up for

    sale and realised $2,200.

    Five albumen prints each 8-3/4 x 6-3/4 in from Gardner's INCIDENTS OF

    THE WAR, each consisting of groups of officers including "Lt. Col.

    Butler, and Regimental Staff, 93rd N.Y.V. Infantry," "Group of

    Officers N.Y.V., Germantown Va.," "Capt. E.Hobart's Company" "Major

    General J.E. Hooker and Staff", etc., mildew staining most evident in

    the borders and back only, last image with small tear at top.


    Robert A. Siegel ? Home page.



    Dealer prices.

    Andrew Smithy Gallery Inc. has 7 prints for sale. Prices range from

    $900 to $22,000.


    The Andrew Smith Gallery had an albumen print for sale for $18,000

    Title: Canon de Chelle. Walls of the Grand Canon about 1200 Feet in Height.

    Size: 7.9 x 10.5 inches.

    Date: 1873

    Aperture Foundation has an albumen print for sale at $950.00

    Cooleys Park, Sierra Blanca Range, Arizona, 1873.


    Dankphoto.com has an albumen photograph for sale at $3000.

    Title: ?Lost Lakes, near Meigs Peak, Colorado. 1874.

    Size 8? x 10.75?.


    This site has a ?boudoir? size yellow mount stereo view (4-1/4×7?). Price $325>

    <Search strategy:>

    <art price>


    <"timothy o'sullivan" price>


    <"timothy o'sullivan" albumen price>


    <"andrew smith gallery">


    <Hope this helps.>

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