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I am 25 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I have been having bad pain in my very lower abdomin that wraps the whole way around my back. I have tried laying in every position, a warm shower, extra fluid and tylenol. I can’t get the pain to lessen. I have had a few contractions but nothing steady or abnormal. Any ideas of what this is or how to help it? Should I call the doctor? I really don’t want to be the over-anxious pregnant woman…


This is your Third child… What is your gut telling you?
You know your body better than anyone else… if you think you may need medical attention for the sake of your un-born child then get it… if you think a good nights rest will help then go to bed…
Personally, I think if you are asking you already know what you want to do…
Piece of advise, take along a change of comfortable sleep wear, some slippers, a good read and some of your fave snacks…

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