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I recently had day surgery under local anesthestic, whilst they monitored my blood oxygen levels they were concerned that they never rose above 72 and they seemed to stay at around 65/69, should I see my own GP for this, is this something I should be worried about


Yes I think you should see your GP, but when meeting with your surgeon, he didn’t mention this is beyond me. Did you meet with your surgeon for a follow up, you didn’t say what the surgery was for.

Low oxygen in the blood, and yours is low, can at at times signify congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or asthma, any other chronic breathing abnormalities. This is not saying this is your problem, these are general guidelines for low oxygen levels. Normal is 95 to l00.

I mention these are general guidelines for low oxygen guidelines because we cannot diagnose on AMHD.

Of course, age and smoking, and a host of other habits can determine the cause.

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