After 8 Years, Is this relationship with my Boyfriend love or just a safety net ?


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My Boyfriend and I have been going out now for 8 years. I am 25 and he is 27. Its the only real relationship we have both had. We lived together for 3 of these years abroad and things turned very sour. I became incredibly depressed and so did he, we became restricted in life and I feel I spent my whole young years looking after him, ensuring the rent and bills were always paid, and not getting to go out with friends. Last year I lost my job, I was supporting him as he returned to college three years ago. It became too much for me and I moved back home with m parents. I am still here today, no job, no friends, Im stuck, and yet me and my Boyfriend are still in this relationship and I don’t think either of us know where its going. Don’t get me wrong – we are both very good to each other we are nice and respectful, and well nice. We never fight. My Family often comment how lucky I am to have a nice Boyfriend but I cant help wondering: Is this relationship an excuse for not having the confidence to live my life truly or is it a good relationship because its safe and secure and sustainable


It’s hard to say really, but it may be possible that part of you wants to go out and live for you and is under the impression that this relationship of yours is holding you down. You’re the only person who can answer this question for sure, but if anything I said is true, its still very possible for you to go out and live life without cutting this link, you just got to get over this hardest step of yours of going out and becoming self sustaining.

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