Any ideas about what I should do with these swords ?


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During my martial arts practice I acquired a straight sword and a set of double swords. I don’t practice any more, these really have no sentimental value to me and I am not all that enthusiastic about having them hanging around the house, so it is time to get rid of them. I don’t want to pawn them or sell them on ebay and I am pretty sure the Goodwill won’t accept them as a donation. I’m also not liking the idea of throwing them in the trash or putting them on Craig’s List. Does anyone have any great ideas about what to do with these swords?


You say you practiced martial arts with them. Do you practice with a dojo, students, partners, or teachers who would give them a good home, or guide them to someone who would appreciate them properly?

Even if not, perhaps there’s a dojo in your area that would be pleased to acquire them for students who can’t afford their own, or somesuch.

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