Are Mossad involved in the current unrest in North Africa and the Middle East ?


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For a start did they set off the bomb in Marrakesh ?
The protests in Syria may appear spontaneous but in reality may be more coordinated than we are meant to believe. Even though the Syrian authorities have shut down the mobile phone and telephone networks the protesters appear to be able to maintain contact with an impressive array of communications equipment and miniature webcams. Who supplied them?
Don’t think that I support the repressive regimes in the Arab world but I wonder if there is more going on than we think, involving Israel, the US and the European Union (mainly France and UK). I maybe stating the obvious but what do you think?


To be perfectly honest, I imagine this is Israel’s worst nightmare. They must prefer the devil they know to the devil they don’t. The last thing Israel actually wants to see in the Arab world (and I would extend this to the US, though probably to a slightly lesser extent) is a regime that must be accountable to its people.

The West has come to rely on Arab dictators to be predictable. If suddenly the global oil situation changes (let’s not pretend we would care if there were popular uprisings in southeast Asia, for example), the West will freak out (and is). Israel is in the same position, but for them it’s much more security-related.

So no, I personally doubt that either Israel or the US is involved in what’s happening in Syria, Libya, Bahrain, Iraq, Morocco, etc. But I imagine that both the US and Israel have their foreign offices working overtime, trying to curry favor with the leaders of the popular movements.

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