Are there any true alternatives to iTunes ?


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I’m having a lot of trouble with itunes lately, including it freezing up an i’m having trouble getting a reply from apple’s forum.

I love iTunes but this has made me start thinking about looking for an alternative.

It needs to be able to sync with my ipod and iphone, as well as download podcasts and sync those too, on top of the usual music functions.

I’m a Windows 7 user. Thanks. (No windows media player, please)


Yeah, you can buy MP3s from Amazon for $1 each. That’s better than iTunes because once you download them from Amazon, they’re yours. Amazon can’t say there’s suddenly a copyright issue or price increase after the fact and take them back. They’re just files than you can make backups, copy to different computers, copy to your XBox and Playstation, and burn to CD for your car, etc.

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