Are there any women here who have had an ectopic pregnancy and gone on to have a healthy baby ?


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I just had my very first pregnancy and it turned out to be ectopic. I underwent surgery and the doctor removed the fallopian tube containing the embryo. The doctor INSISTS that my fertility has not been affected. She said that the ovary without the fallopian tube will simply send an egg over to the tube on the other side to travel down and be fertilized. It sounds crazy, but she said our bodies are amazing and adaptable. I feel a little hopeless about my chances of having a healthy pregnancy in the future. Are there any women who have had an ectopic pregnancy where they lost or kept both tubes and went on to have a healthy baby? I could use some reassurance.


I’m sorry for your loss and I can understand your concern. I know several woman that only have one tube for various reasons (some from ectopics and some from tubal reversal surgeries) that have gone on to have children with only one tube. I hope that you are able to go on and have children in the future.

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