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I am having a PPPOE dialer type broadband connection and I am using a dell inspiron 1525 with vista premium sp1. The problem is:

Whenever I use bitlord or bittorrent to download the torrent files, the net gets disconnected say every 20-30 min. I loose all the speed and the speed is again regained after 7-10 min.

But whenever I use P2P download or direct downloads using IDM or any Download Managers, the net works perfectly all right.

I wanted to know whether any solution to this problem lies or it is due to opening of lot of ports simultaneously.

Any help will be highly appreciated…
Thanks in advance…


Some broadband providers (Comcast, for example) have been known to throttle or otherwise interfere with bittorrent connections. Link

The FCC recently slapped them down, but it will be hard to enforce. Link

They have a new scheme now to slow down heavy users for a time. Link

Although Comcast is mentioned, I believe other ISPs are also guilty of this behavior.

Hope this helps,

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