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This is the truth that Bush and Co thinks you can’t handle:::… “the U.S. could not tolerate the possibility that the second-largest oil bonanza on Earth might be held beyond our reach by a dictator who hated us.

The fact is, the U.S. uses fully one-quarter of the world’s oil, but we possess only about two percent of its reserves, and we rely on imports for about 60% of our consumption.

Meanwhile, *Peak Oil* is either just behind us, or nearly upon us…

Without guaranteed access to Iraq’s oil, we absolutely could not maintain our military and economic dominance of the world. Vice President Cheney has known this, even spoken publicly about it, for many years. And why else would he have convened a meeting of Big Oil representatives within his first month in the White House to pore over maps of Iraq’s oil fields, as if that were the top priority of the administration?”…


Protestors against the invasion of Iraq yelled this slogan… “No blood for oil”… after Bush’s horrific and catastrophic mismanagement of the Iraq War and poor diplomacy, it looks like we will be living with this new slogan… ***LOTS OF BLOOD, NO OIL***

Will we see any candidates addressing the oil issue next year on the campaign trail?


Without access to Middle East oil the world economy would fail; that’s the truth that Bush understands and it’s too bad others don’t realize that truth. Of course anti-Capitalist would love nothing better and they are behind the propaganda slopped into the trough of leftist feeding piglets.

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