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Soldering SilverNo, it isn’t hot enough. IT DEPENDS, if two silver plates are overlapped and then soldered with say electical (Tin/Lead) ie Resin cored solder then YES. But if two silver rods or bars or sheet are to be joined end to end etc then NO. The criteria is STRENGTH of the joining material and of course the COLOUR of the joint. THE process is as follows; Use a very hot Mini- Blow Torch ie. Butane or Propane torch, or Oxy- Propane welder and obtain High Silver content Silver Brazing rods (about 20%to 40% silver content) from Model engineering suppliers or Welding suppliers, and Practice first joining small peices of Brass or Copper. The best Silver brazing rods for your purposes are the FLUX-COATED types. EXPERIENCE AND PRACTICE WILL MAKE YOU VERY PROFICIENT. Best of luck……..Bill Jackson.
Yes, if you buy a special type of solder. You can buy different solders for different metals or for different heat lvls. Just go to your local HomeDepot or a crafting or hobby store to buy these. The people there can offer great advice on whatever project you are doing. Its like Verizon wireless service for metal working.^-^

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