Can anything be done for pregnancy back pain that’s safe for the baby ?


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I think I spoke too soon when I proudly stated to many friends/family that I haven’t had much pain in my pregnancy. The past week it’s been brutal. The lower right side of my back has an intense burning sensation shooting through it. I assume it started because I’m growing larger and the baby is pushing on it more? Whatever is causing it, I just want to know if there’s anything safe I can do to help it. I moved like a snail at work yesterday and felt completely useless. Walking is an effort. Sitting doesn’t help. Laying down sometimes makes it worse. Is this a normal symptom during pregnancy? I’ve heard of back pain but is this how intense it usually is or am I just being dramatic? Tylenol does nothing for the pain. Any suggestions?

I’m 21 weeks in case that matters.


I had something very similar while pregnant and it certainly was debilitating! I ended up going to a chiropractor who did wonders for me in just a couple of visits. I was referred to her by a friend, who said she had a lot of experience helping pregnant women. I saw her three times and the pain disappeared. I went back for two more visits toward the end of my pregnancy just to make sure my body was well aligned in preparation for labor. If Tylenol is not helping I definitely recommend finding a good chiropractor and giving that a shot.

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