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Dear Experts.

Currently working on a project and hope you guys will be able to help me out.

I know I will be able to dial from one laptop to another laptop by plucking both to a normal telphone line. The speed that I got will be based on the modem speed that is found in both the laptops.

However, I’m wondering if there’s any possibility to achieve broadband speed if I dial up these 2 computers (to each other) using ADSL modems…

Is it that simple? Or do I require any other hardware to achieve broadband speed to connect this 2 computers (not located in the same block, room) through telphone lines?

Please advice.



I’m not sure if I completely understand exactly what you’re trying to do but I don’t think it’s possible for standard home users. From what I understand broadband modems deal with connections very differently to dial up modems. As their name suggests, dial up modems “dial up” to the internet whereas ADSL modems more “log on.” (This is a very crude way of describing it.) Technically what you are trying to do should be possible I think but I’m pretty sure it would be more complex. I believe you would need more advanced software. However, having said that I am by no means pretending to be an expert on this subject so anybody telling me I’m completely wrong is quite welcome to do so.

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