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I have a 19 year old who is a full time student, she still lives with me and her brother and sister. She has no other income and has not been able because she was in a really bad car accident last April and left her blind in one eye (almost lost eye ball) and the other has bee affected. I pay for her clothes, rent, utilities, food, transportation to and from school.
I was told last year 08, I could no longer claim her.

Please help, this is the only way I may be able to not pay taxes since I was just laid off.


Yes, he is still your qualifying child.
Also he can qualify as qualifying relative, for which there is not age limit.

A dependent can be your qualifying child or qualifying relative. A Qualifying Child must be under 19 or 24 if full time student, must live with you and the child must not provide more than half of his or her support.
There is no age limit for a qualifying relative, and it is not required that the dependent (who is related to you) lives with you. You must provide more than half of the support and the person did not earn more than $3650 in 2009. // So if a child is not under 19 or 24 if full time student, the parent can still claim the child if requirements are met. Your U.S. Tax Return: Requirements for claiming a dependent

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