Can one truly live if he’s not afraid of dying ? Or more generally, can one truly own something if he’s not afraid of losing it ?


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Does one must be afraid of losing his life, in order to really appreciate it, to really live it through?


Hmmmmm, perhaps my Pollyanna streak is showing, but I’d say that one can truly live without fear of dying. Perhaps I’m assigning too literal a meaning to “fear,” but I would say that I approach life more fearful of not enjoying the moment. I rarely, rarely, rarely even cogitate my own death, but I think often of how I can live more fully. I feel the same about possessions—I attach to things “in the moment,” and I rarely give a thought about losing them.

O Bearded One, your question is so deep and introspective that I’m hopeful I haven’t wounded you with my response. AND welcome to Fluther!

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