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Hi, It’s a pleasure to have joined you and become part of you.
My question is How do you make two computers communicate and then how do you back up information from Laptop to Personal computer. Thank you


Specific procedures may vary depending on which operating systems the computers are using and how the computers are equipped.

Many computers manufactured in the last several years are equipped with Ethernet ports. An Ethernet port resembles a telephone jack, but is a little larger. As long as you are only connecting two computers together you can connect them together with an Ethernet crossover cable. Note that this crossover cable resembles a normal Ethernet cable the wiring between its two ends is a little different. A crossover cable is only usable when connecting two computers together. You will have to make other arrangements to connect a third computer or a broadband modem.

If you are using a broadband Internet connection it might be utilizing the computer’s Ethernet port as a connection to a DSL or cable modem. If such is the case you may want to consider a router. Many routers also include a Wireless Access Point (WAP) that makes it possible to access the Internet with many late model laptop/notebook computers without an Ethernet cable. Between the WAP and the wired switching capabilities of the router the computers are able to communicate with each other in addition to the Internet. Make sure you review material on WAP security if you acquire a WAP equipped router so that others don’t use your broadband connection for unauthorized or even illegal activities (you could be blamed for their activities).

There are some informative animated tutorial about networking in the learning center at Welcome to .
Other equipment manufacturers may have tutorials as well.

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