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I Am Having A Problem With A Pc

After Switching Off The Computer, It Automatically Boots Itself Up Again After A Period Of 10 Or So Minutes.

There Are No Messages That Are Displayed.

I Have Checked The Following:

Bios Settings For Wake On Lan, Pci, Modem And So On
The Computers Power Settings In Control Pannel
Check For Viruses… which I Don’t Think Could Cause This

I Have Also Checked The Power Supply By Using It On Another Computer… no Problem With The Power Supply. And Even If I Replace On The Faulty System The Pc Still Switches Itself On After 10 Or Minutes

This Problem Is Really Irratating Me Could Anyone Help


Techgbw, hi, the problem sounds as if it might be the motherboard altogether. But to know for sure, it’s better to do the basics before ruling it out. Now, have you flash updated the BIOS or installed the CD that came with the motherboard if you built your own PC? You can always download the latest BIOS and motherboard drivers from its manufacturer’s website from another PC. Sometimes, those will work.

You can always check the motherboard using a POST PCI card that you insert in, and see what error number shows up on the LED, which you can then cross reference in the guide-diagnostic manual that came with the POST card. Microscope 2000 is a popular POST card or a card from STARTECH, for example.

If the problem seems to happen more frequently, the problem might be a bad HDD, faulty cables, memory cards,etc… If you know the problem is not the motherboard, then I would suggests checking each hardware parts one by one. Of course, you can take out each one at each step of the way, or re-install each device at a time to see what happens. If these suggestions still don’t pinpoint the problem, the problem could have come from the motherboard getting zapped with some static electricity from all sorts of slight contacts. In that case, it may not be worth it to look into it any further and guess it’s a faulty motherboard that got zapped somehow along the way.

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