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Dear all,
Good morning/evening,

I have catalyst switch 6509, with two firewall service modules(FWSM)
Do I need to configure any command on the switch to make the second
Firewall module to work as failover for the first firewall module.

Thanks for your kind responses.


Use the failover command to configure

You’ll know it’s right when you do a show failover and you see primary and secondary interfaces as normal and active / standby. You can do active / active in multiple context mode.

Curious as to why you’re using 2 modules in 1 6509, especially for failover.

Failover lan unit primary/secondary
Failover lan interface failover interface
Failover key *****
Failover interface ip failover standby

FWSM(config)# show failover
Failover On
Failover unit Primary
Failover LAN Interface fover Vlan 150
Unit Poll frequency 15 seconds
Interface Poll frequency 15 seconds
Interface Policy 50%
Monitored Interfaces 249 of 250 maximum
Last Failover at: 10:58:08 Apr 15 2004
This host: Primary – Active
Active time: 2232 (sec)
Admin Interface inside ( Normal
Admin Interface outside ( Normal
Other host: Secondary – Standby
Active time: 0 (sec)
Admin Interface inside ( Normal
Admin Interface outside ( Normal

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