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I love someone who is 5 years elder to me. He is not a very expressive person in terms of feelings and emotions. He does love me. We do have a good mutual understanding but sometimes he takes me for granted he does not appreciate for what so ever I do for him. And whenever I talk to him about getting married and about our future together then he tells me that because he a very obidient child of his parents he will do whatever his parents tell him to do. He says my life and my parents are first priority in my life. And if I ask him that wouldn’t you be sad if I leave you then he says that yes for some days I will be but then everything would become normal as I can’t stop living because of you and neither would I come to you asking to come back in my life. I am very confused to what do I do. I am really confused that does he really loves me? Can anyone please help me to figure it out.


Well that’s the biggest amount of honesty I have seen in a story on this forum and I’ve been on it for over 8 months now. He might really love you and is just telling you how it is and how his priorities are set up.

Tal says it best “Never let someone be a priority in your life, while allowing yourself to be an option in theirs

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