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Dear experts

How to connect 2 remote computers through modem and telephone line? Tell me the details procedure ? If it is not possible with modem then what is other way to connect ?

Pl guide,?




It isn’t possible to network 2 computers with dial-up service. In order to do this, you will need to have broadband DSL or cable service.

You will need a DSL modem and a router, or a cable connection and a router, to network your PCs.

If you go the less expensive route, around $50/month for 656k speed, and choose broadband DSL, a number (MSN, in fact; they also serve as your ISP – Internet Service Provider) will provide you with a modem at no cost. You would only need to purchase a router. They vary in price, but I purchased a Microsoft Wired Base Station (router), at Best Buy, for $30.00. If your Connection provider charges for their modem, it’s usually only $5.00/month. Their service is approximately $35/month with an additional $25/month for an ISP

A Cable internet connection can run as high as $70/month and I just don’t know if it includes an ISP. If not, it would be an additional $25/month.

I hope this was helpful to you.


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