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I am at the age where guys and girls go out and have fun, as for me… I have no guy friends whatsoever!! I have my eye on this guy whom I liked for a while, and I really want to become his friend. Every time I’m alone with him we are shy and sometimes we talk about little things. Next time I want it to be for real, I mean to be comfortable in front of him. I don’t want him to be just a guy, like, I want him to be my friend, not to go out with him or anything. I am sooooooo shy and totally want to have him as a friend, not just some guy in my classes! Please help me! Im DESPERATE!! Any little thing will make me happy and willing to try out!!


It may take a while for you to see this but guys aren’t really so different from us girls after all LOL, except in how we feel when we’re around them! You are just experiencing a bit of self-consciousness with boys which is getting too much of your attention when you are with them. The trick is to recognise when its “taking over” and focus on something outside of yourself. From someone who was extremely self-conscious , I learned to meet boys while doing things so we always had something to talk about and I wouldn’t go all quiet and begin to feel THAT feeling. I can still be a bit daunted if flirted with openly and confidently. But it’s a big world out there, so find things to be involved with and you’ll find interesting boys handily come with it and nature takes its course from there. LOL

As for your friend, make a list of easy topics for conversation ahead of time to use when you see him — writing them down if necessary. What does he think of that class? Has he seen who’s running for class president? How did he do on that test? Whatever seems relevant, okay? Good luck!

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