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I belong to different culture and language from the man I became his online friend. We met by chance. We had conversation.Then we became friends. I’m woman and married. First, he used to answer all my emails. Then, he began to email me abot twice a week. I suffered a lot, especilally he meant a lot to me. He always gives excuses which I never believe. Then , after he got a job,he spent weeks without emailing me. When I asked him if he want to end this friendship , he said no and he loves me. He also told me that we’re more than friends . We’re soul mates, But later, he disappeared for weeks. I missed him a lot and talked to him on skype, he told me that he’s so busy working and his friend died. He always gives excuses to his absence. After days I wrote to him that I’m not his friend anymore. I can’t just wait like this. He answered that I treated him as possession and that I abused our friendship and he’s tired od my emotional judgement and anger. He also blocked me and told me he will not contact me again , but will stay a friend. I feel hurt . Abig why I have! Why didn’t he tell me that he doesn’t want my friendship though I felt so and asked him if he want me to go? Is it okay for online friends to stay weeks without emailing each other? If he lost interest in me why didn’t he let me go? Did I really trat him as possession?


Maybe he does want to be friends via the computer and is leading you on more than he should. You are married, concern yourself more with your real life. It is obvious that your internet friend is putting his priorities into his real life.
Accept talking to him when he is available or quit talking to him if it is getting you that emotionally upset.

It seems to be somewhat common for people to get obsessed with people over the internet because you see their good qualities and then you fill in your imagination what you don’t know about them.

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