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Yes in December, 1942 the German Luftwaffe was developing the Junkers Long Range Bomber the JU-390. It first flew in Bodo, Norway in January 1943. At the same time Adolf Hitler put Heinrich Himmler in charge of the Nazi Nuclear Bomb Program. Both Michigan and New York were important targets. All of this was kept Top Secret and under the leadership of KG-200, The Most Secret Luftwaffe Squadron of the War. By June the Recon JU-390 was ready to be flown. Both Hans Joachim Pancherz and Anna Kreisling flew Air to air refueling missions in the Ju-390. On August 27th a JU-390 left its base in Norway and flew out across the Atlantic Ocean. Over Iceland it conducted air to air refueling with a JU-290. Anna Kreisling who was the Co-Pilot then penetrated Canadian Airspace. Within nine hours they were heading South for Michigan where they photographed many important industrial sites. By Noon they were over the Empire State Building at 8,000 feet taking important pictures of New York. All of this was kept Top Secret both in World War II and the Cold War.

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