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I’m wondering why for the last month or so I have had a really loud grumbling in my stomach either after I eat or just throughout the day. I have a sudden urge to use the restroom and it is mostly diarreah. Even after I use the restroom the grumbling continues on and off throughout the day but I normally can only get one to two stools out. I’m sure there can be many reasons this is happening but I just moved to a new place and do not have a doctor yet so am needing suggestions on what this may be. I do not feel sick at all or feel bad. I feel pretty normal besides the grumbling and diarreah. What could this be? Thank you very much.


It could be that your natural bacteria in the body are not acting as they should. This can happen if you are on antibiotics or it can just happen on its own. You can go to a vitamin or healthfood store and buy Probiotics, which are essentially “good bacteria” capsules that help restore the normal flora in the intestines. Also good to take probiotics when you are on antibiotics as a preventative measure..

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