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Okay, so I’m in love with this girl who sadly lives far away, in the same country-wise, but far none the less. I went to my first school with her and we even got together for a couple years until I moved. Anyway we’ve started talking again over Skype, and she keeps saying how she misses me, and it’s driving me crazy how I can’t see her. She doesn’t know I love her, it would be called ‘pathetic’ by anyone who knew I loved a girl who lived so far away, but she’s all I can really think about, she’s the only one who really relates to me. I really do like her, and it’s kind of pushing me into the stages where I just sit depressed, maybe cry a little to myself. I know I might get to see her for a day sometime soon, which would make me amazingly happy, but then I won’t see her for a very long time after that.. So anyway, if you’ve lasted through my sorrow story, here’s the question: Do I tell her how I feel? Do I move on? Do I wait on her until I can openly go see her myself. Just, in a way, give me your thoughts. I’m sorry you had to read all this crap, but I want some advice. Thanks in advance, speedy replies would be amazing right now.

I really do like her a lot. So of course, I’d prefer less of the comments like “I’m pathetic.” If I am doing something pathetic though, just say it more subtle please.


You sound like a lonely guy who is thrilled to have some one to talk to and share with, and yes, that feels good. No you don’t go confessing your feelings I think until you have experienced a lot more with her, because its easy to get carried away by your own feelings and instill a false hope in yourself.


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  1. Juliaacv
    February 11, 2018 at 10:52 pm

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    No wait until you know what she means by “she loves, and misses you”, before you go confessing, because many females say such things, and it means she is lonely, and glad to have a FRIEND.

    Just ask her what she means. Don’t worry about the up, and down feelings, normal for people who are LONELY!! Or are looking for LOVE!

    You are not pathetic at all, just HOPEFULL, but scared.

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