Do you feel that Osama Bin Ladin changed the world ?


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I feel really sad to see how a single person with sick ideology changed our world into becoming a East Vs. West thing, when I see Muslims raising hell over his death and others celebrating the death of a human being, I feel that we are the same somehow.

I see where America is coming from with all this hatred towards the Muslims, but let’s just replace the word Muslim/Islam with “black people” and see where that gets us.

Not very nice sounding, is it? And yet we just are getting out of that mindset within the last 40 years.Racism is racism and there’s no justifying it..

After all these years and finally killing Osama Bin Laden, we have actually lost the war. We no longer have that intangible thing that made this country great.


I am American and I have no hatred towards Muslims in general because of this persons warped concept of their religion. Yes Osama changed the world and not for good but its no different than when someone takes and warps a concept of religion no matter what the religion for their own gain such as what happened in Waco or what Jim Jones did. Yes he did it on a bigger scale with all he did but we as Americans have to take the blame for that because we trained him and gave him the weapons to do what he did.

You can’t blame or hate the masses for something a small group did when you yourself is to blame for what happened as well.

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