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Okay, I’ve been in Washington DC for the past few days on a school trip. However, when we were eating lunch outside of the Air and Space Museum, a man approached our school group and asked for donations to a “homeless charity”. He told us that we would get a free newspaper if we donated. (By the way, the teachers didn’t notice any of this while it was going on) Out of guilt, I gave him two dollars and got the paper. Here’s why I think it may have been a scam. Apparently, in the museum, there were free newspapers… The kind that he gave us. He also told another group of students that he was working for a soup kitchen, not a homeless shelter. I think that the final bit of evidence was when a suspicious student asked him what charity he was working for, and he said “some”.

What do you think? Did I give two dollars to a shelter/soup kitchen, or did I give two dollars to a con artist who takes advantage of children?


I think you already know the answer to that question. Two dollars is a cheap price to pay to learn the lesson of asking the right questions. Which charity are you collecting donations for? How long as the charity been around? What work does the charity do? Just to name a few.

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