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I’m not sure what to do in this situation but I became really good friends with a girl this summer and we hung out a lot. I honestly have no idea what happened but lately we don’t hang out. I just really miss hanging out with her. We had a lot in common and would always be laughing about something. Now every time she says she’s going to come over she “forgets” and apologizes to me the next day. So what do I do? She knows I miss hanging out with her. Do I just cut my losses? I realize I can’t make her want to hang out with me. Even my husband asks me why we don’t hang out anymore and I honestly don’t know what to tell him.

It wouldn’t suck so bad, but I lost A LOT of friends after high school because most all of them moved away to go to school. Well, none of them came back. The ones that are still here only care about getting absolutely drunk every weekend and I’m not into that as much.


Have you ever asked her if she is upset with you or doesn’t want to be friends?

I know when I was in my 20’s I could never understand why my friends never had time for me. Then I got involved with many things that kept me busy or I just never felt like going anywhere or doing anything. Especially after I got married and had kids I realized why many of my friends never had time.
Now I am in my 50’s I still can say they are my friends and I can go visit them any time I want but they never call or visit me. Most oif my friends I haven’t seen in 1 to 3 yrs or more.

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