Does networking really help people find jobs ?


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People say that it is a good idea to network.

Many of my friends tried it. Some of them are actually quite persistent. Most, if not all, of them are unemployed or underemployed.

I tried networking. Many of the professionals I speak to are very busy. Some would answer questions I send them to follow-up on our conversations. Others would ignore my follow-up email altogether.

So, in your experience, does networking actually work?


It does, but you have to be persistent. My daughter has a really great job, but it took her almost a year of constant contact with a handful of people to get it set up. In that time, she volunteered for projects with the team, and made sure that she really had a chance to get to know people.

I assume that you’re looking for a legal clerking position. I am not sure that there a lot of jobs out there, especially with larger firms. You may have to get creative with what you’re looking for.

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