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It’s been nine years I have been putting up with the stress my family gives me. They have started ever since I was 11 years old and now I am twenty, it is now reached to the point where I am going crazy because of too much mind blowing pressure and letting tears roll on my cheecks every day. Just too many probllems. I want to be independent in positive ways, like to be a doctor and become successful but they seem to be afraid of it. They always give me a hard time and try to pull my leg by discourging me. It is my real four sisters and two brothers including my mother. It hurts me so much when they do that it makes me miss my dad very much who left me when I was two. There is no way to move on in my life and I can’t take this anymore, I come from a strick family and I can’t even move if I do I will be shot on the first day because no one has ever done this in our families even though living in the U.S for years. I don’t want to get married or have a boyfriend, because I want to achieve my goals first and then get married. They even distract me while being a sleep, I have no idea why?? I always respect my mother and show them affection, but it comes back as a slap on my face. I shared my room with my sister she bother at late nigt just to keep me awake and stressfull, because she knows I handle two jobs and have a limited time to sleep, but now I share it with my mother and she does the same. It is early morning and I couldn’t handle it came to the living room and am on computer burst into tears and asking for help what to do?!


I been threw similar situation. My advice to you is to find a way to move out. You have to do what makes you happy. In your posting you said you don’t want to marry or have a boyfriend. Some times the one you truly care about might be your answer, or even a close friend. Every one has goals and wants to reach them. But there is fantasy and then there is reality. You can have the person you love steering you in the face, but because of you goals you could be losing out on the happiest things in you life. In a way you’re limiting yourself. Ill put it this way, I had goals myself and I never had a relationship before until college. The Pearson who cared about me the most was always there. She never left. But I had my own goals in life, that was to finish college, find a good job, and get married. Which is every ones dream? However it didn’t work out that way. I kept pushing someone away when all they wanted was to be with me. This was 3 years ago, however we separated 2 months ago. If I never gave her the chance I never would have had all my questions answers. But in the end we separated but we both came to an agreement. Some times other people are the answers to your problems. Just give them a chance. As for your home situation at home move out with a good friend. I just did it by going to We all have to do what makes us happy. Ask yourself what makes you unhappy. Then ask what you can do to make things better. Then try it. And if anything just email me.

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