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I love my family and I think that my family is my weakness. However, I am a single mother with two children, I’m content, maintaining, and managing in my finances. Unfortunitely, I have ‘older’ siblings who often ask to borrow money. I sometimes get frustrated because they ask. It’s not as if though do not work, but they seem to always be in need. After letting them borrow, I notice when I want to buy certain things, I can’t… I’ve lend all my extra money out and then find myself needing a loan. How do you say, “no” to these lovable ppl; making yourself not the crutch?


You tell them what you’ve told us – you’re a single mother with two children. You have enough to provide for yourself and the children. When you lend money to other people you DON’T have enough money to provide for yourself and your children.

Sorry, but no.

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