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I’m 16 and I live with my grandmother and visit my mom who lives in the city when I can on weekends and what not… I had trouble in school this year and think it would be best to be home schooled and be able to concentrate on me instead of the drama that goes on in school and get the work done and over I know I would do better if it was just me and I could do it all myself without having to worry about everyone else and waiting for teachers to be done with their sports practice and everything else… the mom and grandmother have joint custody and both of them want me to live with them and go to a public school I just want to be able to go to school by myself and get the last few years done so I can have a good future but with everyone fighting over family drama I don’t know what to do or who it would be best to talk to because my parents don’t even want to listen to me they just want me to do what is easiest for them


I had problems in high school as well. Girls harassed me until I was afraid to even show up for school and it cost me my graduation. However in the long run it cost me more than that. It was an even bigger blow to myself esteem, and confidence. I’ve become more introverted, and have a harder time making friends because I’m afraid of being judged unfairly. If you believe home school is best for you then do it! I finished high school from home and I did fantastically better. I went from a 50’s and 60’s student to receiving an 88% average overall. Just make sure that you’ve got the motivation to do the work and make sure you have good teacher resources if you’re going to do this.

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