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Hi! I have a 15 yr old daughter. I have not been with her father since she was 6 months old. She has a relationship with her father but its when its convenient for him. Recently his family had a get together for x-mas and they all seemed to have ganged up on my daughter. She has been battling depression for 2 yrs now and can be moody and short tempered at times (a really handful I will admit) but despite that is still a straight A student and accelerates in sports… but his family never sees the good just the bad. They started saying she is doing drugs and drink, which she is doing neither. We have a very open relationship and she tells me EVERYTHING (sometimes more than I want to know) so I know that is not true. She is having a hard time with them being so judgemental especially every time she doesn’t something well they compare her to her cousin without even acknowledging what she has done. The cousin is always better and smarter, etc. She loves them but is very hurt by all this and now no longer wants to have any association with any of them. She got in an argument with her grandmother and apologized to her afterwards and her grandmother has told her repeatedly she doesn’t care if she ever speaks to her again. I know my daughter was wrong but she did apologize sincerely. What kind of grandmother can disown her grandchild over an argument. HELP! I am so lost on how to improve this situation. Thanks!


I fear she is suffering in the backlash of resentment against you. How dare you reject their son! Its unfortunate but not uncommon. If I were you, I would explain it to her that way and take the blame. Just get it off her.

She is old enough to make her own decision about whether she wants to continue a relationship with her father’s family. Don’t press her if she doesn’t want to. If they question it don’t mince words and tell them why she doesn’t want to.

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