Has anyone else experienced an increase in appetite while taking Lexapro ?


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I noticed the side effects listed a decrease in appetite, but for the last few weeks I swear I am starving all of the time.
I am trying to stick to my usual diet, which is pretty healthy and balanced. I know that loading up on carbs or junk foods will just make it worse, but this hunger will not let up. Has anyone else experienced similar side effects while taking Lexapro? I would like to find a way to work around it before I start gaining weight. If I haven’t already, I’m scared to step on the scale. ha.


Lexapro, of all the SSRIs, is supposed to be the least likely to make you gain weight. Meaning not that it doesn’t make you gain, but that it makes you gain the least. Some weight gain is normal. If you want to maintain or lose weight while on something along those lines, Wellburtin is a good choice if you can take it.

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