Have you ever known a place to be “truly evil ?” ?


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Last night a friend and I were talking about one place we knew mutually. She said the place was “evil, evil, evil” and so many people had been affected by that place. I do believe there are people who are inherently evil for one reason or another, but a place?
It made me wonder about what others might have experienced… have you experienced a place that you are convinced was truly evil, and what happened to make you believe this?


A place can’t be evil in the sense that the place holds and maintains mal-intent. A place does not have a conscious, nor can achieve anything without operation of something powering it. A place may have been built with evil intentions (torture chamber) or serve evil purposes, and in this sense, yes a place can be “evil.”

Is that really insightful? Not really. But that’s all there is to it. Without accepting the supernatural, this is the best answer I can provide.

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