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I would like to gain access to US web pages such as ABC, MTV and many others. However because I live in the UK, every-time I try to view videos or use a specific part of the web pages a message pops up telling me that I cant. I Hear that it has something to do with the IP and Proxy server setting, is this true ( if so how would I even change the settings?) , is there a way around this problem :confused:

please help 🙁

oh and to make matters perhaps a little more complicated.. . I am a Mac OS X user, the net browser that is use is Safari


What’s the exact message?

Just looking at, many of the videos are in an Adobe Flash wrapper. You may not have recent versions of all the necessary browser plugins and video codecs to view the content, but you should get a message to that effect.

IF a proxy is involved, it would be either a) software on your computer, b) software/device at your business (if you’re at work), or c) software/device at your Internet provider. B and C are outside of your control.

Can you view the video in the middle of the BBC news Sri Lanka bus blast bus story? That video is packaged similarly to the ones on abcnews.

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