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I am facing problem in accessing to different ip connected in same network

For ex:

I have 1 cmputer with ip

And 2 computer with ip 10.0.xx
Sub mask

How to route, I should route on both computers or only on one computer.


What do you mean “how to route“?

192.168.x.x & 10.0.x.x are private IP’s. These are what they should be internally. I suspect your issue is with Comp#1 (10.1.x.x)

What’s your default gateway? If so change Comp#1 to and Comp #2 to

Since you’re using less than 255 computers you can keep the subnet mask for all comps at But, it all depends on what your default gateway is (router or modem)

To find your default gateway follow these steps
1. Start
2. Run
3. type CMD in the dialog box
4. type ipconfig
5. What is your default gateway listed as?

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