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My wife is very rude. We are married for 10 years but stay togeth for 5 year. I brought my parents from my country and they are also living with me. We have one baby boy. Whenever I help my family back to my country, my wife is fighting with me and also she fights with my mom too.

Now she doesn’t want to stay with my parents. I want to keep everyone happy, and I want all of us to stay together. My wife blames it all on my mother. Whenever something happens between myself and my wife, she says she wants a divorce.

She know all about my account too, she doesn’t trust me.

Please help


I’d say its normal for people to blame others, if you would fail something wouldn’t you blame others? Now the fact that she doesn’t trust you isn’t good but
Couples to tend to fight and its normal. And in all honesty you should tell your wife that your mother doesn’t want her harm, but sometimes things happen not according to your life long plan. You should also tell her, that you have the right to think you don’t have to constantly agree with her, and believe me
Life would be pretty boring if everyone thought the same wouldn’t you say? But most importently does she really want her young boy to grow alone? Give her a thing or two to think about.

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