How do I go about transferring a title in NC ?


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I’ve finally found the used bike I want, and I’ll be paying cash. What’s the process of transferring ownership? How do I get the title, tags? (I’ve never bought form in individual before, just through a car dealership where it was all taken care of for me.)


Generally… although the specifics can vary by state…

The seller will sign over his registration form to you. He’ll also give you the clear title (which had better be clear, or else one of you has to settle with his lien holder). You take the title and the signed-over registration to the DMV and transfer the title to your name, and register the newly-titled vehicle in yours. (You’ll probably need to have a proof of insurance, too. And if you’re driving away from the seller’s place of sale, then you’d better have insurance prior to the sale.)

The title should also have space on it for him to sign over the ownership to you. Note that if there’s more than one owner on the title, such as “Mr. & Mrs. X”, then both Mr. & Mrs. X need to sign it over. Ditto the registration. (That’s a good reason for sole ownership.)

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