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Okay well,this christmas I am suppose to spend with my dad(parents are divorced so I switch every year) but my best friend invited me to go with her and her dad out of town for the two week break (her b-day is on new years),and there is no way to get there after christmas because its such a long drive.
I really want to go with my best friend but its just weird not being with family on christmas,and so its tradition vs. something new that I want to do.
So who should I go with,and if I go with my friend,how do I tell my dad without hurting him?
I mean I see him all the time so its not like christmas is one of the only occasions I see him,but I mean christmas is kind of a big deal,right?:confused:


I believe that if you already committed to spending Christmas with your dad, then you should stick with it. If you didn’t committ to it, ask your dad and see things from his point of view. It could be very important to him that he gets to spend some valuable time with you. If he doesn’t want you to go, then respect his decision and plan ahead next year so you’re plans will follow through.

Doing something new can be fun, but remember that traditions are followed for so long because they are important to at least one person.

Best of Luck and Happy Holidays,


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