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A short gravel path leads into the woods. Pine trees stand to attention like soldiers in line at there feet a soft, spongy carpet of leaf matter. Sunlight filters through the pine needles creating a kaleidoscope of different greens. A solitary laurel bush sways gently in the calm breeze. Ladders of ivy climb steadily towards the light. The spicy aroma of curry (from the kitchens) mingles with the softer scent of pine. Spiky holly leaves crowd in a dense mass providing refuge for the many birds.

Rapid drumming betrays the woodpecker before it is encountered. A juvenile great spotted woodpecker is resplendent in his fine coat of black, white and red. His beak a drill forages for grubs beneath layers of bark. A black birds warning call send the woodpecker into sudden flight.

A disturbed log reveals a bustling crowd of mini beasts searching for an exit like passengers off the tube. An earwig stands out with its vivid orange exoskeleton. Its antennae feel for its exit and it slides into the rotten wood. Ants lead in a trail towards their crushed ant hills.

At the foot of a holly tree stands a gorse bush, its yellow flowers radiant like millions of tiny suns. Empty snail shells lie smashed on a rock. Arum pushes through the decomposed soil in clumps, its berries not yet fully developed. Tree roots zig zag through the may paths creating waves in the soil. Bramble bushes stand guarding the exit with their treacherous thorns.
I got an A*-20/20 for this piece of work please do not copy and paste since this took me an hour to write but feel free to use my ides.
By Alice

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